Student placement into Universities abroad

Everyone can help you obtain an admission to study abroad but very few will assist you obtain a visa! Our strength and pride is that we do both.

This department specializes in guiding and counseling students from Cameroon and other nations to identify and select the best overseas higher education institutions offering suitable and affordable courses which align to their academic and career goals.

We offer professional and tailored services to both undergraduate and post graduate students aspiring to study abroad. BLI has been at the forefront of student counseling in Cameroon since 2010 and has provided solutions to hundreds of students.

Our team of internationally trained education counselors counsel students, especially graduates who are at a crossroad and need trusted guidance with proceeding in the right direction or changing their career path. We do this by making sure our staff are fully acquainted with the knowledge of courses offered by various trusted sponsors/institutions abroad. Our consultants have an extensive understanding and experience and we ensure that every year they attend at least two international conferences on education in order to stay abreast with latest industry information. We also use our networks with accredited international institutions to guide our candidates to make the right choices.

Each student is different and thus has unique requirements and strengths. During our guidance process, we work closely with our candidates to determine the most suitable academic pathway for them and ensure that their transition to higher education is smooth, enjoyable and profitable. We are partners with multiple institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, Hungary etc.

From choosing a suitable study country, academic institution, study program right through to admissions and assembling of every document necessary for obtaining a visa, our team works without losing site of any detail. Most students placed by us into universities abroad especially in the UK always have a special discount on fees and their IELTS preparatory course is FREE.