ACCA registration

ACCA exam registration

 The British Language Institute is an accredited ACCA exam center for both computer and paper based exams.

Do you want to be become a Chartered Accountant or enhance your business? Then ACCA is the answer!

ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a leading international Accounting body with origin from the United Kingdom. With this qualification, employers are sure that you have skills in all aspects of business including a high level of professional ethics needing in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Auditing, Consultancy, Taxation, etc.

Interested persons will need to complete thirteen (13) courses, two ethic modules and have three years of working experience in any Accounting related field (during or after studies) in order to become an ACCA member or a Certified Chartered Accountant.

The ACCA qualification is recognised across 170 countries including all member states of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN).

Why choose ACCA?

  • The ACCA qualification is recognised world-wide,
  • In addition to the ACCA qualification, you can obtain a UK bachelor degree
  • Members can work in almost any country,
  • ACCA assist its members to find jobs,
  • ACCA provides learning support to its students throughout their journey,
  • There are no barriers to entry, ACCA has a foundation level for persons with no Accounting knowledge,
  • ACCA is flexible, with exams written every March, June, September and December on paper or computer,
  • ACCA is the fastest growing and most recognised Accounting body in the world, etc.

The ACCA qualification.

The table below shows the ACCA qualification, fees paid to ACCA and to the British Language Institute (BLI) and the different qualifications you will obtain at each level as you progress. Apart from the payments below:

  • An annual subscription fee paid once every year,
  • An initial registration fee and
  • An exemption fee paid for each course you qualify for exemption (only for those who want exemptions).




 FEES TO ACCA               FEES TO BLI
  Exam Fee/Course Exam Fee/Course Tuition Fee/Course

1)Foundations in


Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)




Management Information (MA1)
Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)
Managing Cost and Finance(MA2)
Certificate Introductory/Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting
2)Applied Skills Accountant In Business (FAB/F1)



Management Accounting (MA/F2)
Financial Accounting (FA/ F3)
Certificate ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business


Business and Corporate Law (F4) 100,000frs  





Performance Management (PM/F5)



Taxation (TX/F6)
Financial Reporting (FR/F7)
Audit and Assurance (AA/F8)
Financial Management ( FM/F9)
Certificate Advanced Diploma in + Bsc in Applied Accounting and Business
Compulsory Courses
4)Strategic Professional Strategic Business Leader (SBL/P1&3)    167,000frs  



Strategic Business Reporting (SBR/P2)     133,000frs
Optional courses (To choose 2 out of 4 courses)
Advanced Financial Management (AFM/P4)




Advanced Performance Measurement (APM/P5)
Advanced Taxation (ATX/P6)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA/P7)
Certificate Strategic Professional Certificate and Msc in Applied Accounting


All of the above fees may fluctuate due to changes in the exchange rates of the Pound and XAF or fee changes done by ACCA or BLI.

When you complete the academic part of ACCA (13 courses), a professional ethics module and three (3) years of work experience (internships included), you will become an ACCA member/International Chartered Accountant.

Exam preparation, sale of study materials and exam payments.

BLI prepares students for exams every quarter for the March, June, September and December sessions both offline and online for two months. Classes begin two weeks after each exam session, classes for the September 2020 session begins on the 22nd of June 2020 to 22nd of August 2020 and 14th September to the 14th of November for the December session. This applies to both ICAN & Kenyan CPA students.

Classes begin two weeks  after every March, June, September and December exam session. We have well qualified and experienced teachers to see you through your entire journey with maximum success.

You can also buy ACCA/ICAN & CPA Kenya study materials (Textbooks, workbooks & video lectures) at the center.

We also assist student to book and pay for exams and do other payments such as; Initial registrations, Annual subscription, exemption fees, and many more.

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