English Aptitude Test

  • Are you looking to recruit new employees and want to ascertain their English levels?
  • Are you doubtful of the English level of your employees?
  • Are you looking for an English proficiency diploma to prove your English language ability and add weight to your CV?

 Look no further!

The English Aptitude Test for Employment is designed to test all four skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. During the process of recruitment, applicants take the test and we can either give them the results or send directly to the interviewing company. We know that it is a daunting task selecting the candidate with the desired English level. As experts in English, we will handle this for you ensuring that you select the candidate with your desired level of English language ability.

If your institution wants to ascertain the English level of existing employees, this test is exactly what is needed. After this test, your institution can decide which of the employees need training to meet company/industry benchmarks. Without this test, your institution could be training employees who already have a good English level thereby incurring unnecessary expenses or worst still leave those who actually need the training aside as a result of random selection. This test is also the answer to job seekers’ quest for proving their English language ability. Taking this test and including it on your CV alongside your diploma makes you stand out in the crowd of other applicants who simply mention in their CV’s that they have a good/working knowledge of English.

Take the test trusted by employers